In the voice acting industry, the ability to take direction and improve is critical to success. Voice actors must be able to listen to feedback, adjust their performance, and deliver the desired results. In 2023, the demand for versatile and adaptable voice actors is higher than ever, as the industry continues to evolve and expand. Here are some tips and strategies for voice actors to improve their ability to take direction and improve:

  1. Listen carefully

The first step in taking direction is to listen carefully to the feedback given by the director or client. Voice actors should pay attention to the specific instructions and requests, as well as any tone or context clues. It’s essential to ask questions or clarifications if needed, to ensure a clear understanding of what’s being asked.

  1. Be open-minded and flexible

Voice actors must be open-minded and flexible when receiving feedback. Sometimes the direction given may differ from the actor’s initial interpretation or ideas, but it’s important to trust the director’s vision and be willing to adapt. Voice actors should be open to new ideas and approaches and be willing to try different methods to achieve the desired outcome.

  1. Take notes

Taking notes during the direction process can be helpful, as it allows voice actors to remember specific instructions and feedback. They can refer back to their notes to ensure they’re meeting the client or director’s expectations. It also shows that the actor is invested and committed to delivering the best possible performance.

  1. Experiment with different options

Voice actors should experiment with different options to give the client or director a range of choices. It’s crucial to stay within the parameters given while still exploring different approaches or styles. This approach can showcase the actor’s versatility and adaptability while also giving the director or client more options to choose from.

  1. Practice and prepare

Practicing and preparing before the session can help voice actors feel more confident and comfortable in taking direction. They can rehearse different interpretations and techniques beforehand, making it easier to adjust during the session. It’s also essential to arrive prepared with any necessary materials or equipment and to ensure a reliable and consistent recording setup.

  1. Stay professional and respectful

Voice actors should stay professional and respectful throughout the direction process, even if they disagree or feel frustrated. It’s essential to maintain a positive and collaborative attitude and to communicate clearly and respectfully. This approach can build trust and rapport with the director or client, which can lead to future opportunities.

In conclusion, the ability to take direction and improve is critical for voice actors in 2023. Voice actors must listen carefully, be open-minded and flexible, take notes, experiment with different options, practice and prepare, and stay professional and respectful. By honing these skills, voice actors can deliver the best possible performance and build a successful career in the competitive voice acting industry.