A radio jingle voice over for affiliates is a short audio clip that is used to promote a radio affiliate or network on the air. These jingles are typically created to be catchy and memorable, with the goal of encouraging listeners to tune in to the affiliate’s station. The voice over artist that records the jingle should have a clear, pleasant, and engaging voice, as well as the ability to convey the desired message effectively.

To produce a radio jingle voice over for affiliates, the process typically involves several steps. The first step is to work with the affiliate to develop a script for the jingle. This script should clearly outline the key message that the jingle should convey, as well as any specific information that should be included, such as the affiliate’s call letters or frequency.

Next, the jingle is recorded in a professional recording studio. The voice over artist will read the script and record their voice over the music or sound effects. After the recording is complete, the audio is edited and mixed to ensure that the jingle sounds polished and professional.

Finally, the jingle is delivered to the affiliate and can be used on the air to promote their station. These jingles are usually played at the beginning or end of commercial breaks, or at the end of programs. The goal is to make the station more memorable to listeners and encourage them to tune in.

It’s also worth mentioning that, before creating the jingle, it’s important to check with the affiliate if they have any specific guidelines or requests regarding the jingle, in order to make sure it aligns with the affiliate’s brand and messaging.