Voice over in radio refers to the use of a recorded or live voice to deliver information, advertisements, or other content over the airwaves. Voice over is an important aspect of radio broadcasting, as it helps to convey the message to the audience and make the content more engaging.

Voice over artists are responsible for recording or performing the voice over for radio programs. These artists have a unique set of skills, including clear enunciation, good diction, and the ability to convey emotion through their voice. They should also have good microphone techniques and the ability to read and interpret scripts.

The process of voice over for radio typically begins with the script. The voice over artist will read and interpret the script, and then record their voice in a professional recording studio. After recording, the audio is edited and mixed to ensure that it sounds polished and professional.

One of the most common uses of voice over in radio is in commercials, where the voice over artist will read the script of the commercial and record it. This recording is then played on the air during commercial breaks and serves as a way to promote products or services.

Voice over is also used in news and sports programming. In these cases, the voice over artist will read the news or sports updates, and the recording is played on the air to keep the audience informed.

Voice over in radio is a vital aspect of broadcasting and plays a crucial role in engaging and informing audiences. The right voice over artist can make the content more engaging and memorable, and this is why it’s important to hire professional and skilled voice over artists.